State Of Air Transport Industry

Air transport industry has undergone significant changes in the short span of last 100 years. From making a few test flights to orbiting space bodies, speeds have increased a thousand fold times, along with the range capability and the altitude. Air transportation industry is one of the best examples of the future world where all human activities will be incorporated including administrations, companies and contractors. To offer its services, the industry of air transport must unite the efforts of people who sell the service, people who run aircrafts, airlines, people who function airports along with the traffic controllers, customs, police etc;.

As a main part of air transport industry, several classes of airlines work together. These can comprise of air carriers using large passenger jets, regional aircraft, and 23 all-cargo carriers. A hub is a centrally situated airport selected by an airline to entertain a large number of its flights from many locations. Here the passengers can shift to flights destined for points served by the airline's system. The idea is to serve the maximum number of passengers, from as many locations as possible, in the most professional manner by an airline.

Air cargo is another important section of the air transportation industry. An aircraft may be designed solely to carry freight or the cargo can be carried in cargo holds of passenger airlines. Cargo carriers offer only air transport from an airport near the cargo's origin to an airport near the cargo's destination. The couriers and messengers industry take care of the door-to-door delivery of parcels, either across town or across the continent.

Recent developments due to the recessions and high fuel prices have forced the air transport industry to deal with multiple issues. The bankruptcies of network carriers have given rise to many new challenges. But still the air transport remains one of the most popular means of travel. The growth of domestic low-cost carriers has forced the mainline carriers to reduce its domestic capacity. However, over the past decade the industry of air transport has witnesses the business models of the network carriers and low-cost carriers converging.

If we look into the state of air transport industry, the numbers have powerful stories to tell. Skyrocketing prices of oil along with the recession have dominated the economic scene of the world. The industry of air transport has to face many other challenges, while tightening its belts. The entire value chain must be involved in resizing and reshaping this air transport industry.

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