Employment In Air Transport

Most jobs in air transport are at large airports that are located close to cities, often serving as hubs for major airlines. Although pilots and flight attendants often are seen as the most evident occupations in air transport industry, around 45 percent of all employees in air transportation work in office and administrative support occupations. You will also find air transport jobs in the sector of installation, maintenance, and repair occupations. Here in this article we will focus on the employment in air transport industry.

The two largest employment opportunities in air transport in these occupational groups are reservation and transportation ticket agents, travel clerks along with and aircraft mechanics and service technicians. A reservation and transportation ticket agent is most frequently the first to meet the passengers entering the airport. Their jobs in air transport are to make and confirm reservations, sell tickets, and issue boarding passes. They also help the customers who have trouble working with self-service ticketing machines or kiosks. Many of these employees work in call centers and are busy replying phone inquiries about flight schedules, fares, confirming reservations, giving tickets, and handling payments.

Other occupations in air transport industry comprise of the ticket agents, usually known as gate or station agents, work in airport terminals, helping the passengers boarding airplanes. These workers navigate the passengers to the right boarding area; check the tickets and seat assignments. They are also seen making boarding announcements, and providing special care to young, elderly, or disabled passengers. The customer service representatives help out the passengers while checking tickets when passengers board or get off from an airplane. They also check luggage at the reception area and make sure that it is placed on the proper carrier.

Other employment in air transport industry comprises of the aircraft mechanics and service technicians, whose job is to service, inspect, and repair planes. They work on several different kinds of aircraft, such as jet transports, small propeller-driven airplanes, or helicopters. Based on their expertise, many of these mechanics and technicians are specialized. Some might work only on the body of the aircraft while some other takes care of the engines or avionics, the parts of an aircraft that depend on electronics.

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