Working Conditions Of Air Transport

The working conditions of Air transport industry vary widely, according to the occupation. Airlines maneuver flights at all hours of the day and night. Most employees in air transport industry work in fairly comfortable surroundings, like the offices, terminals, or airplanes. However, there are mechanics and other workers who service the aircraft and are subject to excessive noise, dirt, and grease. They even have to work outside sometimes in bad weather. Read on to know more on Air transport working conditions.

Many workers have irregular or variable work schedules. As the flights operate all seven days of the week, the flight and ground personnel, mechanics, reservation and transportation ticket agents, may have to work at night or on weekends or holidays. Some workers sit in an office all day while others are out and about in the airport, facing the travelers, giving directions and answering questions.

To explain more on the working conditions in Air transport, the flight personnel are often away from their home bases frequently. But while they are away from home, the airlines offer them hotel accommodations, transportation between the hotel and airport, and other allowance for meals and expenses. Flight attendants usually fly from 65 to 85 hours a month and in addition to flight time, they also have about 50 hours a month of duty time between the flights which consists of waiting for delays to clear and their aircraft to arrive.

Moving on with the topic of working conditions in Air transport, the flight crews, especially those on international routes, often experience jet lag. Flying into different time zones, they often face disorientation and fatigue. But they are given ample time to rest as they must report for duty well rested. Flights often don’t always go off as planned. And when that happens, nearly all employees are affected. Flight attendants, customer service agents, ramp agents, ticket agents, and other workers have to deal with difficult passengers, poor weather conditions, emergency situations, and delayed flights. The baggage may sometimes get lost, or flights may get canceled or rerouted. Through it all, airline employees are expected to keep a cool and provide excellent service. Well, that sums up the working conditions of Air transport industry.

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